LegacyBook Launches Innovative App Helping Financial Planners Increase Business While Growing Client Legacies

WICHITA, Kansas, USA; June 26, 2019 -- LegacyBook LLC, an ambitious startup company has launched its first app for the financial planner market. The LegacyBook app helps the financial planner grow their book of business while building their clients legacy.

Being first to market as the only app of its kind is important to David Thorne, CEO of LegacyBook. “Welcome to the digital age. Adviser-client collaboration is now a reality! We pay bills, bank and budget on our smartphone. Now we can use it to plan for life's largest transitions.” Thorne added, “Financial planners have told us they want to elevate their services, to talk purpose, family, and giving, but today's tools are dusty files and stuffy binders. We will be the first to truly bring the digital age to them and their clients where it matters most.”

“As a dynamic app, LegacyBook allows clients to record and update their legacy information during their life journey,” said Dean Griffis, Vice President of Sales. “It’s a unique solution that brings together and organizes information about the client’s family, finances, assets, heritage and values in one secure location. All where clients tend to live - on their phones and tablets.”

The LegacyBook App is designed to be: CONVENIENT – Uniquely available 24/7 on a smartphone or tablet so information can be added in real time and as life changes. SECURE - Boasting 11 layers of security, The LegacyBook App is designed to safeguard the most sensitive types of data. COLLABORATIVE – Better planning thanks to tools that capture where the client’s life is during a particular point in their journey, along with what their aspirations are. COMPREHENSIVE – Helps financial planners grow their book of business while offering clients a mobile solution to preserve their legacy.

“When the patriarch of our family passed away, we were left with love, unrecorded memories, and an organized estate filing system. Unfortunately, the filing system was filled with outdated information. Several years later, we are still processing some of the estate,” said Joe Witte, LegacyBook CTO. “I joined the LegacyBook team so I can help families. I don’t want anyone to have to go through the painful experience I’m still dealing with.”